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tv   WRAL News 11PM  NBC  February 24, 2016 3:07am-3:42am EST

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hel hroerbgs hello, thank you for joining us. for 3 deaths tonight. isolated tornadoes to our part of north carolina tomorrow.
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announced an early release tomorrow because of this threat. . let's give you the latest on the storm system heading our way. three storms killed three people. louisiana three people died when it hit this area. >> right now the line of storms is going across parts of alabama and florida. our chief meteorologist is tracking the system and joins us now with when the storms are expected here, greg? >> reporter: it looks like the main threat is going to be from middle to late morning tomorrow and through the afternoon. there are some chances it may
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evening. all of this is part of a large system that is centered in the upper atmosphere now. you see the rotation here. having it moved out of northeast texas into parts of arkansas and louisiana now. again, the one thing, one of the 59 things we are watching is the fact -- many things that we are watching is the strength increase. we will talk more about that segment. hajet is going to represent the about 34,000 feet up. a lot of energy with that. that will be coming right occupy the eastern seaboard and putting us in the favorable position for favorable strong upward motion. it is great per them to be severe and spawn tornadoes. the storm prediction center has this and what is called an enhanced risk from raleigh and chapel hill and durham all of the way to the coast. not surprised if it is upgraded to a moderate risk.
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the morning. elizabeth will have the latest on that tomorrow morning, it has the potential to be a notable severe weather out break and again we will have to watch it hour by hour and we will do that. we will be back with more details on this coming up in just about 15 minutes, back to you. >> all right, thank you. stories from sursraoeufors of the storms in louisiana and mississippi are starting to emerge. >> the witnesses say the tornado that hit an rv park in louisiana threw the rvs around like toys, as it is reported other tornadoes took the roof off of a gym and destroyed homes. >> rescue workers are going door to door in what is left of this rv park in louisiana. they were searching for people trapped or wounded af a reported tornado tore through the area. >> -- after a reported tornado tore through the tornado. >> we know of 30 plus that were injured all different types of injuries. >> the storm flipped and mangled dozens of trailers and
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next door to the sugar hill rv park. >> i heard it. the house started shaking. i just knew that, you know, that it was a tornado. >> reporter: he says that he and his family hid in their bathroom for safety. >> i got if the bathtub with my dog and they were praying and i was crying and i was so scared. i mean the house would not stop shaking the whole entire time. >> a dozen people were working out when a possible tornado tore a wall off of this gym. other areas reported downed trees and power lineups. severe weather moved through the new orleans area earlier in the day. these waterspouts were recorded over lake pontchartrain. some schools sent people home before it was hit. >> the same storm system hits the east coast on wednesday. back to you. >> the devastation done prosecute this storm fear of what the system could bring us
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storms devastated our area back in 2011. we spoke with a family hit hard by the storms and he joins us with concerns, adam? >> weather forecasts like the ones we are seeing tonight, they really bring back sore memories for our neighbors here in the triangle. people who lived through some of nature's worst. >> wherever i hear about the weather it does kind of bring a little anxiety to me. >> reporter: a threatening forecast means something different for natasha than it may to you and i. nearly 5 years ago she returned home to this. >> i just lost my house. my neighbors lost this house. >> her garage was not there. >> it was thrown to the house next door. >> rivers was thankful no one was at her home when it moved through. >> the ceiling collapsed into that room and that was my daughter's room. >> reporter: one of her neighbors was home when the
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>> a lot of screaming, people did not know what was going on. >> reporter: his family and a neighboring family took shelter in his basement. clouds of debris and insulation swirled outside. he noticed his strscouch on his back lawn. >> this whole top section. just literally gone? >> yes. >> homes damaged or destroyed have been rebuilt or repaired. that experience, the power of nature stays with you. now when the forecast threatens he and his family return to the basement, again. >> when we feel it is cheered we come back up. >> cleared we come back up. >> yes. >> reporter: with the damaging storms, as they make their way to our area, what you want to do is be inside sturdy structure. you want to be in an interior room, perhaps under a stair well if you can. anything to provide any protection to anything that might be falling in that storm. the important thing, again, is
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storms in a car or a mobile home. stay away from windows that could become ming debris and strong winds and remember that lightning remains a threat. it is even after the rainfall has finally stopped for some time. the hope, though, is that we will not need any of these safety tips tomorrow. >> still, good advice. >> thank you, adam. now, it is the time to make sure your smart phone has the weather app. it will use the notification if severe weather is in your area. for all of details go to our web site and search alert center. >> tonight, the raleigh police protective association says they will not boycott an up coming concert by beyonce. it comes after the singer's performance at the super bowl. what did this decision boil down to?
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president, matt cooper, tells us that members took an oath to protect all citizens retpwardless of political beliefs or speech. we need to keep in mind it is up to the individual officers to decide if they want to volunteer for this event. >> while we do have concerns over the perceived antilaw enforcement images mrs. knowles uses in her music video and her halftime performance at the super bowl, we voted unanimously not to boycott the may 3rd concert. >> reporter: matt cooper says the decision to provide security will be a personal one for each officer. >> we encourage phroef police officers to make an individual decision to volunteer to -- police officers to make an individual decision to volunteer to work autothis concert. >> upon cooer would not give us a number. >> reporter: some officers
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super bowl performance. specifically the issue is with her dancers dressed as members of the black panther party. >> they used violence towards police officers, we are not supportive of that. >> >> reporter: the union is made up of 550 members. as a whole they do not condone violence against a police officer and always speak out against what they consider negative depictions. >> we have officers prosecute different backgrounds and believes and political affiliations. >> a spokesperson with the police department tells us tonight he want be clear. this is a decision made by the union. does not represent the entire raleigh police department. >> reporter: also, the highway patrol says they will be there patrolling and directing traffic as needed as they would for any other major event in that area. so, the idea that these officers were volunteer for this off duty assignment only
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that event at carter finley stadium. >> live in raleigh, thank you. we are learning more abouou a wake county man involved in a plane crash if florida. the investigators say david thomas was ming from raleigh to sarasota when he requested to make a landing because of engine trouble. he could not make it to the airport, he demied a parachute. no one on -- deployed a parachute. he was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. substance abuse treatment, retired supreme court judge was charged with drunk driving in december and pled guilty earlier this month. this is video of him from a story that aired in 2007. he served on the bench for more than two decades. part of the plea he must complete 24 hours of community service and onunsupervised probation for the next year. what would it sound like if you tried to play hit music on
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jimmy fallon has the answer. [singing] >> these are great. one of the many entertaining segments you will see when nbc joins us next monday. "the tonight show" will air right after this newscast. wral news and our commitment to this community will never change. in fact, our 4:00 news will move to wral on monday. have any questions? find the answers in a special section of >> we are all excited. >> yes. 4:00 until 6:30 on wral now. >> yes. almost time. monday. the bulls host their season opener in less than 2 months, they need singers to perform the national an thel. -- anthem at all of the events.
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dy else could have possibly known these little things. >> whenever elaine talked to the kidnappers she would follow notes like these from the fbi can we set up a team to talk next time? or, can i e-mail you? we both have goals. i need to know warren is okay. the kidnappers were getting impatient. they messaged. if you send the money, we free him. if we not sending the money. and we send you the death video
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elaine wrote back. please, do not hurt him. the kidnappers then upped the pressure by having warren himself call and urge her to pay the money. >> elaine, what they told me all along unless they get all the money. they're not going to deliver me. >> reporter: to make sure the kidnappers didn't keep upping the ransom demand she took the fbi advice on huh to answer warren that day. >> it is very dangerous to give them the money, warren. we went have anything left. we will have to give them our entire life savings. they'll keep asking for money. until we have nothing left to give them. and i don't think they will let you go. >> the guy i'm any with is saying if you give him money. i think they'll bring me to islamabad. >> she delivered the message she needed to deliver. even though she was listening to her husband in cap tich tee. her husband in captivity. being prodded to ask her, to do something different. i don't know that i could do that. >> eric lebson worked on


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